Window Tinting

Private and Commercial VehiclesWe offer window tinting services for both private and commercial vehicles

Window Tinting Private and Commercial Vehicles

Having your windows is one of the most stylish touches you can add to a modern car these days. This quick and relatively inexpensive service greatly enhances the look of your vehicle.

Most people who come through the our doors tend to get their cars tinted purely for style! However there are a growing number of people who see the benefits of tinted windows for other purposes, such as glare reduction for small children as well as heat reduction for a more comfortable journey to being able to store valuables more safely in the car due to the fact its harder to see in. Benefits Include;

Increased privacy for valuables and the occupants. Our Window film blocks up to 99% uv rays. Reduces glare and greatly increases comfort for pets and small children. Can reduce heat in the summer by up to 64% Keeps the cars interior from fading over time. Helps the car maintain a high resale value.

As with all the work we do here at SW Tints our window tint installs have to pass a strict quality control as well as having a full guarantee should there be any defect on our part. The guarantee we offer on all tint installations is for the lifetime of the vehicle. So should any problems arrise at anytime after the installaion we will put them right for free

Headlight tinting

As well as tinting of glass we also have the expertise to tint your headlights and taillights in any shade or colour you desire. We can also do this whilst keeping your car legal and MOT friendly.

We have a number of different options including sprayed, wrapped, permanent or completely removable. And with prices and options on light tinting to suit all budgets. There has never been a better time to give your car the look it deserves.

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