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Some vinyls can last up to 10 years!
Yes you can remove the yourself relativity easily, however we recommend removing a wrap no longer than 5 years after the installation as leaving it longer can make it more difficult to removed.
Installation can take anywhere from 2-4 days for most applications. Some are longer some are shorter this depends on the type of vehicle.
In most cases yes! All panels including the roof, doors, bonet, boot, front and rear wings are always wrapped in 1 piece of vinyl. In small cases usually on front bumpers some of the recesses are so deep that the stretch would be beyond the vinyls capabilities. It is in these cases we would install a piece 1st into the deep recess and then wrap the "outer" surface of the bumper in 1 piece and join in such a way that it would be very hard to tell.
Yes the wrap will protect the car from stone chips and light scratches, however if you have scratches, chips, rust spots etc prior to installation these will show under the wrap. The wrap is only ever as good as the paintwork under neath and is not a cheap solution to rectify any paint/ body work issues.
Yes and no. The DVLA does not need to be informed you have wrapped your car as a wrap in only seen as a temporary colour change, however we would always advise your insurance when customising any aspect of your car as failure to do so may result in the worst case of them not paying out on a claim should the worst happen.
We work on many vehicles each week and for jobs like wraps we can usually get your car in within a few days... Just bear in mind a properly installed wrap in not a quick process and one should allow around 3-5 days to be without their car whilst the wrap is being installed.
Yes we have a couple of options regarding installing a wrap on slightly imperfect body work. We can rectify these problems about buying before the vinyl is installed at an additonal cost.

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