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Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wrapping is arguably one of the fastest growing trends in the aftermarket world. And SW Tints have been on the forefront of this craze for the last few years. Whether you fancy a change of colour or really want something to make your car turn heads. We'll have the solution for you.

We can wrap any car, boat motorcycle and more in a variety of colours and finishes.

How does it work?

Think of a vinyl wrap as effectively a big sticker that is applied to each panel of the car to change the colour. The wrap is completely removable and can be returned to its original colour at any time.

As well as the wrap being a quick more affordable solution to paint there are many other advantages to having a wrap installed. Some of which are:

  • Finished and colours that simply aren't available with paint. Such as brushed aluminium or chrome
  • Protecting original paint from stone chips/ road debris
  • Retain the re sale value of your car by not permanently changing the original paint colour

You can have your full car wrapped or maybe you just want a bonnet wrap or roof wrap? The choice is yours. Give us a call today. 0161 428 7578

We carry a large selection of the highest quality wrapping materials form all the worlds top manufactures! We have a large selection of colours in both matt and gloss aswel as more speciality colours like, chrome, carbon fiber, fur, velvet, aligator skin and of course we can do custom printed design wraps also!


What Is A Wrap

A wrap is a way to change the colour of your car with out the need for paint. We do this by applying large pieces of high quality vinyl to each individual panel of the car! Once the vinyl wrap is intalled you can enjoy it for a number of years before having the option to remove completely, and revert the car back to its original colour!

No matter what your Idea we can help. Call us on 0161 428 7578 or fill in the simple callback form opposite


Wrap Application

At SW Tints we pride ourselves on being able to give you the highest quality vehicle wraps in Manchester by trusting in the highest quality materials and the most competent professionals!We ensure that every vehicle which enters SW Tints doors for vehicle wrapping undergoes the same unique prosess to ensure a perfect installation everytime.



Once we receive the car we will:

  • Power wash the outside of the vehicle removing any surface dirt.
  • Clay bar the vehicle to remove any tar or remaining contaminates
  • Drive the car in to our dedicated vehicle wrapping area (Clean room)
  • Remove any parts that will obstruct a perfect wrap finish! Door Handles, Exterior Trims, Lights etc..
  • We then give the car a solvent based pre wrap clean using the vinyl manufactures recommended cleaner
  • We ensure all the b surfaces (Door Joins, Under Arches, panel Gaps etc) of the car are meticulously cleaned to prevent vinyl failure on any of the vehicles edges.
  • We can now start to apply the vinyl one panel at a time, each wrapped panel must be trimmed and checked before moving on the the next. The techniques we use ensure we do cut on the vehicle using a blade.
  • We repeat this process for every panel on the car.Once the wrap is fully installed we heat all the vinyl applied to the manufactures recommended temperature, this effectively -re casts- the vinyl in to is new shape to ensure the highest quality adhesion.
  • The following day the installation under goes a stringent quality control process. checking the quality of the fitment and ensuring no vinyl has moved in any recessed areas over night and we have full adhesion.
  • We then reinstall any trim removed in the installation process.It is at this point the wrap is complete and the customer can collect the car!

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